From the recording Music From The Margins

Trust Is A Four Letter Word is a song by Chris Tso, rooted in Dark Country where the dust of windswept plains swirls around a free and burgeoning society. Comfortable as an underscore for shows that depict life on horseback during the turn of the century, Trust Is A Four Letter Word is a sonic backdrop at the crossroads of deception and world-weary sage advice. Take a trip back to where times may have been simpler but still share elements that ring true today. Tso explains, “Blending the twang of somber guitars, foot stomps, and ethereal textures, the road from betrayal to realization can be a lonely one.”


Trust is a Four Letter Word
Chris Tso BMI

Verse 1
Who do you believe, when the deck has crooked cards
You think you’d know by now, learning from your scars
There’s no honor among thieves
When your confidence is burned
Don’t look back when you leave
You feel jaded but you learned
Trust is a four letter word

Verse 2
Nailed to a double cross, with faith fading away
You’re not certain if the sun will shine, once you’ve been betrayed
You have an iron heart
Cause the meek won’t inherit the earth
Abandoned by the truth
Now all that’s left is hurt
Trust is a four letter word

A knife can cut both ways
The time will come one day
To even the score

Verse 3
Shadows rise as the sun descends
Get back up and brush off the dirt
Look deception in the eye
And tell it what you learned
Trust is a four letter word