Chris Tso, Music From The Margins

Music From The Margins

Chris Tso makes his solo debut with Music From The Margins, released on June 1, 2022.


Music From The Margins is a collection of songs written to support gritty, dramatic scenes on film and TV of people living on the edges of society. These songs address some of the most poignant topics society wrestles with, truth, trust, guns, drugs, and redemption.

Music From The Margins was created to be a  journey to where people live in the shadows. This release is an invitation into this world and a view into those most comfortable in it.

In Tso’ words, “This collection of songs was created to be a varied yet cohesive soundtrack for those living in the center of the fringe, doing what they are drawn to do as they view society through their singular lens.” 

Recorded in Los Angeles, California and Madison, Wisconsin.

Music From The Margins

Chris Tso


Music From The Margins

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Audio vignettes inspired by films from David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino with the character's perspective and realization found in such popular TV shows from The Blacklist to Yellowstone. Music From The Margins was written, recorded, and produced by Chris Tso.

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