1. Bell Tower

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After the senseless shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Chris Tso happened to listen to a “Hidden Brain” podcast on National Public Radio with Shankar Vedantam presenting the theory that most mass shootings are unavoidable. Many of the shooters go undetected by authorities and live in the shadowy margins of society. Something triggers their thoughts and behavior to escalate into irreversible action. Though we expect law enforcement to stop crimes like these, they are often unable to since the individuals are off their radar with no prior arrests.
Tso explains, “I wanted to tread cautiously on this sensitive subject and felt a first person narrative would provide the clearest perspective inside the head of a fictitious shooter. This is not pro or anti gun rights but more the fact that many mass shootings can not be proactively stopped due to the nature of the inconspicuous being invisible to those that protect and serve us. I’m presenting the problem, and unfortunately, not the answer.”


Verse 1
I’m in the bell tower with a loaded gun
I’m in the bell tower, watch em’ run
This isn’t real, this isn’t fake
I’m in the bell tower, making hearts break

Verse 2
Ten points for children, is the point I make
No one can help me, all I do is take
I don’t feel the fear, I don’t hear the cries
Nobody knows what it’s like to see the world through my eyes

I can’t leave well enough
Alone, I’m by myself
I’m unaware, I don’t even care
To reach out for some help

Verse 3
You can’t catch smoke, an unwanted man
In a mad, mad world no one knows who I am
We don’t know what’ll happen, a future we can’t see
I’m in the bell tower and the last bullets for me
I’m in the bell tower, and there’ll be more just like me